Installing TinyTracer in TinyOS


(1) TinyOS - install it from the internet.

(2) Download tinytracer.tar.gz from the "Downloads" Section 
    in our website, to a new directory TT_files/ in your home folder.

(3) Installing and configuring nesC   
(a) create a new nesc/ directory in your home folder.
(b) copy the directory nesc-1.3.2/ from TT_files/ to nesc/ . 
(c) copy /usr/bin/ncc to the nesc/ directory. 
(d) modify ncc file to point $nescc variable to the nesc/ directory. 
    Put nesc/ directory in $PATH. 

(4) Configuring cil 
(a) create a new cil/ directory in your home folder.
(b) copy bin, obj, lib directories from TT_files/ to cil/
(c) [OPTIONAL} remove any CVS/ or .svn/ directory in all the subdirectories 
    in cil/
(d) put cil/bin in the $PATH variable.
(e) add the following aliases in the ./bashrc file
		alias m2cilly='cilly --gcc=avr-gcc --envmachine -mmcu=atmega128 -Os -Wall 
    -Wshadow -v -finline-limit=100000 --save-temps=tmp/ --noPrintLn 
    --dotinytracer -g '

    alias m2cillys='cilly --gcc=avr-gcc --envmachine -mmcu=atmega128 -Os -Wall 
    -Wshadow -v -finline-limit=100000 --save-temps=tmp/ --noPrintLn 
    --dotinytracersimple -g '

(5) copy and to $TOSROOT/tos/system
		place in $TOSROOT/tos/interfaces

(6) place the scripts, i.e.,, and, in the directory where you would be storing the output
    logs of TinyTracer.You may have to modify the directory paths used 
    internally inside these scripts for correct functioning.

(7) Refer to the Using TinyTracer Link to look at a simple application
    using TinyTracer.