Download and Install


Getting MultiMLton

    MultiMLton is currently hosted on github. This development version can be checkout by


git clone



        (1) MLton : For specific installation instructions, please refer to MLton installation. If you install MLton in your local directory, append the path to MLton’s lib and bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

        (2) GnuMP : MultiMLton has been tested with version 4.3.2


        Type make in multiMLton/trunk. After a successful build, the newly built binaries are placed in multiMLton/trunk/build/bin/.

    Known Issues/Caveats

        Build process consumes a lot of memory (> 4 GB) and hence it might take a long time to build on a memory constrained machine.


        MultiMLton has been tested on the X86_64 architecture running Linux with kernel version 2.6.18-164. Since MultiMLton uses C-Codegen in the backend, any system with GCC and POSIX threads should support MultiMLton. Please contact us if you have problems building or running MultiMLton.


    See Documentation.