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Reflexes: Abstractions for integrating highly responsive tasks into Java applications.  Jesper Honig Spring, Filip Pizlo, Jean Privat, Rachid Guerraoui, Jan Vitek.  ACM Trans. Embedded Comput. Syst. volume( 10).
Analyzing multicore dumps to facilitate concurrency bug reproduction.  Dasarath Weeratunge, Xiangyu Zhang, Suresh Jagannathan.  ASPLOS: 155-166.
Distributed Memory Management Units Architecture for NoC-based CMPs.  Man Cao, Bin Xin, Fuming Qiao, Qingsong Shi, Tianzhou Chen, Like Yan.  CIT: 54-61.
Efficient Session Type Guided Distributed Interaction.  K. C. Sivaramakrishnan, Karthik Nagaraj, Lukasz Ziarek, Patrick Eugster.  COORDINATION: 152-167.
Scalable Efficient Composite Event Detection.  K. R. Jayaram, Patrick Th. Eugster.  COORDINATION: 168-182.
Lightweight asynchrony using parasitic threads.  K. C. Sivaramakrishnan, Lukasz Ziarek, Raghavendra Prasad, Suresh Jagannathan.  DAMP: 63-72.
A Type System for Data-Centric Synchronization.  Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip, Julian Dolby, Christian Hammer, Jan Vitek.  ECOOP: 304-328.
How to authenticate graphs without leaking.  Ashish Kundu, Elisa Bertino.  EDBT: 609-620.
Experiences with PDG-Based IFC.  Christian Hammer.  ESSoS: 44-60.
High-level programming of embedded hard real-time devices.  Filip Pizlo, Lukasz Ziarek, Ethan Blanton, Petr Maj, Jan Vitek.  EuroSys: 69-82.
Precise calling context encoding.  William N. Sumner, Yunhui Zheng, Dasarath Weeratunge, Xiangyu Zhang.  ICSE (1): 525-534.
The locality of concurrent write barriers.  Laurence Hellyer, Richard Jones, Antony L. Hosking.  ISMM: 83-92.
Analyzing concurrency bugs using dual slicing.  Dasarath Weeratunge, Xiangyu Zhang, William N. Sumner, Suresh Jagannathan.  ISSTA: 253-264.
Strict control dependence and its effect on dynamic information flow analyses.  Tao Bao, Yunhui Zheng, Zhiqiang Lin, Xiangyu Zhang, Dongyan Xu.  ISSTA: 13-24.
Developing safety critical Java applications with oSCJ/L0.  Ales Plsek, Lei Zhao, Veysel H. Sahin, Daniel Tang, Tomás Kalibera, Jan Vitek.  JTRES: 95-101.
PRP: priority rollback protocol -- a PIP extension for mixed criticality systems: short paper.  Lukasz Ziarek.  JTRES: 82-84.
Static checking of safety critical Java annotations.  Daniel Tang, Ales Plsek, Jan Vitek.  JTRES: 148-154.
An analysis of the dynamic behavior of JavaScript programs.  Gregor Richards, Sylvain Lebresne, Brian Burg, Jan Vitek.  PLDI: 1-12.
Schism: fragmentation-tolerant real-time garbage collection.  Filip Pizlo, Lukasz Ziarek, Petr Maj, Antony L. Hosking, Ethan Blanton, Jan Vitek.  PLDI: 146-159.
Challenge benchmarks for verification of real-time programs.  Tomás Kalibera, Pavel Parizek, Ghaith Haddad, Gary T. Leavens, Jan Vitek.  PLPV: 57-62.
Integrating typed and untyped code in a scripting language.  Tobias Wrigstad, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Sylvain Lebresne, Johan Östlund, Jan Vitek.  POPL: 377-388.
RTTM: real-time transactional memory.  Martin Schoeberl, Florian Brandner, Jan Vitek.  SAC: 326-333.
Exploring desktop resources based on user activity analysis.  Yukun Li, Xiangyu Zhang, Xiaofeng Meng.  SIGIR: 700.
One Stack to Run Them All - Reducing Concurrent Analysis to Sequential Analysis under Priority Scheduling.  Nicholas Kidd, Suresh Jagannathan, Jan Vitek.  SPIN: 245-261.
Formal methods applied to high-performance computing software design: a case study of MPI one-sided communication-based locking.  Salman Pervez, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Robert M. Kirby, Rajeev Thakur, William Gropp.  Softw., Pract. Exper. volume( 40): 23-43.

MapReduce-Based Pattern Finding Algorithm Applied in Motif Detection for Prescription Compatibility Network.  Yang Liu, Xiaohong Jiang, Huajun Chen, Jun Ma, Xiangyu Zhang.  APPT: 341-355.
Precise slicing of concurrent programs.  Dennis Giffhorn, Christian Hammer.  Autom. Softw. Eng. volume( 16): 197-234.
Alchemist: A Transparent Dependence Distance Profiling Infrastructure.  Xiangyu Zhang, Armand Navabi, Suresh Jagannathan.  CGO: 47-58.
SN2K Attacks and Honest Services.  Ashish Kundu.  COMPSAC (2): 445-450.
Exceptionally Safe Futures.  Armand Navabi, Suresh Jagannathan.  COORDINATION: 47-65.
High-Performance Transactional Event Processing.  Antonio Cunei, Rachid Guerraoui, Jesper Honig Spring, Jean Privat, Jan Vitek.  COORDINATION: 27-46.
An efficient multi-dimensional index for cloud data management.  Xiangyu Zhang, Jing Ai, Zhongyuan Wang, Jiaheng Lu, Xiaofeng Meng.  CloudDb: 17-24.
Accurate garbage collection in uncooperative environments revisited.  Jason Baker, Antonio Cunei, Tomás Kalibera, Filip Pizlo, Jan Vitek.  Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience volume( 21): 1572-1606.
Speculative N-Way barriers.  Lukasz Ziarek, Suresh Jagannathan, Matthew Fluet, Umut A. Acar.  DAMP: 1-12.
VNsnap: Taking snapshots of virtual networked environments with minimal downtime.  Ardalan Kangarlou, Patrick Eugster, Dongyan Xu.  DSN: 524-533.
EventJava: An Extension of Java for Event Correlation.  Patrick Th. Eugster, K. R. Jayaram.  ECOOP: 570-594.
Introduction to: The Myths of Object-Orientation.  Jan Vitek.  ECOOP: 618.
Loci: Simple Thread-Locality for Java.  Tobias Wrigstad, Filip Pizlo, Fadi Meawad, Lei Zhao, Jan Vitek.  ECOOP: 445-469.
An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the Dyck-CFL Reachability Problem on Trees.  Hao Yuan, Patrick Th. Eugster.  ESOP: 175-189.
Constructing Domain-Specific Component Frameworks through Architecture Refinement.  Frédéric Loiret, Ales Plsek, Philippe Merle, Lionel Seinturier, Michal Malohlava.  EUROMICRO-SEAA: 375-382.
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Mobile Agents.  Niranjan Suri, Jan Vitek.  Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science: 5604-5618.
Interface.  Patrick Th. Eugster.  Encyclopedia of Database Systems: 1553-1557.
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Verifying Information Flow Control over Unbounded Processes.  William R. Harris, Nicholas Kidd, Sagar Chaki, Somesh Jha, Thomas W. Reps.  FM: 773-789.
Problem difficulty analysis for particle swarm optimization: deception and modality.  Bin Xin, Jie Chen, Feng Pan.  GEC Summit: 623-630.
Classifying Java class transformations for pervasive virtualized access.  Phil McGachey, Antony L. Hosking, J. Eliot B. Moss.  GPCE: 75-84.
Partial memoization of concurrency and communication.  Lukasz Ziarek, K. C. Sivaramakrishnan, Suresh Jagannathan.  ICFP: 161-172.
Scheduling Hard Real-Time Garbage Collection.  Tomás Kalibera, Filip Pizlo, Antony L. Hosking, Jan Vitek.  IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium: 81-92.
Memory slicing.  Bin Xin, Xiangyu Zhang.  ISSTA: 165-176.
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A technology compatibility kit for safety critical Java.  Lei Zhao, Daniel Tang, Jan Vitek.  JTRES: 160-168.
CDx: a family of real-time Java benchmarks.  Tomás Kalibera, Jeff Hagelberg, Filip Pizlo, Ales Plsek, Ben Titzer, Jan Vitek.  JTRES: 41-50.
Real time Java on resource-constrained platforms with Fiji VM.  Filip Pizlo, Lukasz Ziarek, Jan Vitek.  JTRES: 110-119.
Thorn: robust, concurrent, extensible scripting on the JVM.  Bard Bloom, John Field, Nathaniel Nystrom, Johan Östlund, Gregor Richards, Rok Strnisa, Jan Vitek, Tobias Wrigstad.  OOPSLA: 117-136.
Thorn: robust concurrent scripting on the JVM.  Bard Bloom, John Field, Nathaniel Nystrom, Johan Östlund, Gregor Richards, Rok Strnisa, Jan Vitek, Tobias Wrigstad.  OOPSLA Companion: 789-790.
Semantics-aware trace analysis.  Kevin J. Hoffman, Patrick Eugster, Suresh Jagannathan.  PLDI: 453-464.
A multidisciplinary approach towards computational thinking for science majors.  Susanne E. Hambrusch, Christoph Hoffmann, John T. Korb, Mark Haugan, Antony L. Hosking.  SIGCSE: 183-187.
A Decision Procedure for Detecting Atomicity Violations for Communicating Processes with Locks.  Nicholas Kidd, Peter Lammich, Tayssir Touili, Thomas W. Reps.  SPIN: 125-142.
Cooperative aspect-oriented programming.  Kevin J. Hoffman, Patrick Th. Eugster.  Sci. Comput. Program. volume( 74): 333-354.
Evolutionary decision-makings for the dynamic weapon-target assignment problem.  Jie Chen, Bin Xin, ZhiHong Peng, LiHua Dou, Juan Zhang.  Science in China Series F: Information Sciences volume( 52): 2006-2018.
Statistical learning makes the hybridization of particle swarm and differential evolution more efficient - A novel hybrid optimizer.  Jie Chen, Bin Xin, ZhiHong Peng, Feng Pan.  Science in China Series F: Information Sciences volume( 52): 1278-1282.
Programming Models for Concurrency and Real-Time.  Jan Vitek.  TOOLS (47): 17.
Preface.  Marcello M. Bonsangue, Einar Broch Johnsen, Amy L. Murphy, Jan Vitek.  Theor. Comput. Sci. volume( 410): 113.
Finding Concurrency-Related Bugs Using Random Isolation.  Nicholas Kidd, Thomas W. Reps, Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri.  VMCAI: 198-213.

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On the Adequacy of Statecharts as a Source of Tests for Cryptographic Protocols.  K. R. Jayaram, Aditya P. Mathur.  COMPSAC: 937-942.
Wake up and smell the coffee: evaluation methodology for the 21st century.  Stephen M. Blackburn, Kathryn S. McKinley, Robin Garner, Chris Hoffmann, Asjad M. Khan, Rotem Bentzur, Amer Diwan, Daniel Feinberg, Daniel Frampton, Samuel Z. Guyer, Martin Hirzel, Antony L. Hosking, Maria Jump, Han Lee, J. Eliot B. Moss, Aashish Phansalkar, Darko Stefanovic, Thomas VanDrunen, Daniel von Dincklage, Ben Wiedermann.  Commun. ACM volume( 51): 83-89.
A domain-specific compiler theory based framework for automated reaction network generation.  Shuo-Huan Hsu, Balachandra Krishnamurthy, Prathima Rao, Chunhua Zhao, Suresh Jagannathan, Venkat Venkatasubramanian.  Computers & Chemical Engineering volume( 32): 2455-2470.
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A Uniform Transactional Execution Environment for Java.  Lukasz Ziarek, Adam Welc, Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai, Vijay Menon, Tatiana Shpeisman, Suresh Jagannathan.  ECOOP: 129-154.
Scalable Data Collection in Sensor Networks.  Asad Awan, Suresh Jagannathan, Ananth Grama.  HiPC: 415-426.
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Dynamic detection of atomic-set-serializability violations.  Christian Hammer, Julian Dolby, Mandana Vaziri, Frank Tip.  ICSE: 231-240.
Towards reusable components with aspects: an empirical study on modularity and obliviousness.  Kevin J. Hoffman, Patrick Eugster.  ICSE: 91-100.
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Path specialization: reducing phased execution overheads.  Filip Pizlo, Erez Petrank, Bjarne Steensgaard.  ISMM: 81-90.
A Real-Time Java Component Model.  Ales Plsek, Philippe Merle, Lionel Seinturier.  ISORC: 281-288.
Memory Management for Real-Time Java: State of the Art.  Filip Pizlo, Jan Vitek.  ISORC: 248-254.
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Static path conditions for Java.  Christian Hammer, Rüdiger Schaade, Gregor Snelting.  PLAS: 57-66.
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Quasi-static scheduling for safe futures.  Armand Navabi, Xiangyu Zhang, Suresh Jagannathan.  PPOPP: 23-32.
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Structural signatures for tree data structures.  Ashish Kundu, Elisa Bertino.  PVLDB volume( 1): 138-150.
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Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems - Report on the Workshop ICOOOLPS'2006 at ECOOP'06  Roland Ducournau, Etienne Gagnon, Chandra Krintz, Philippe Mulet, Jan Vitek, Olivier Zendra.  CoRR volume( abs/0710.2887).
Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems - Report on the Workshop ICOOOLPS'2007 at ECOOP'07  Olivier Zendra, Eric Jul, Roland Ducournau, Etienne Gagnon, Richard E. Jones, Chandra Krintz, Philippe Mulet, Jan Vitek.  CoRR volume( abs/0712.1189).
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