This page is providing a list of SCJ sub-projects releases, only stable versions are listed. For more up-to-date distributions search in our SCJ Project Code Base that is updated almost daily.

oSCJ Distribution

The oSCJ distribution contains:
  • Library - Level 0 is supported (with some limitations)
  • VM - based on OVM
  • tools - TCK and Static Checker
  • examples - HelloWorld and miniCDj benchmark
The whole oSCJ package can be downloaded from here: or use our Mercurial repository: $ hg clone scj-jsr302
For more information, see SCJ section.


A set of tools is included in the distribution, you can also donwload them separately:

Benchmark Suite

The benchmarking suit for SCJ is based on our CDx: Collision Detector Benchmark for RTSJ. We have implemented the CDx algorithm in SCJ and we now provide as SCJ application miniCDj.