SCJ-Checker is based on the Checker Framework (JSR-208) that will be shipped with the Java 7. The checker framework is included in the SCJ-Checker distribution.


SCJ Checker distribution, version 1.0 is now available, download here:


The following documents describing the Checker and the SCJ annotations are available


The distribution package contains a README describing all the installation instructions. See also the Checker tutorial for more details.


SCJ-Checker distribution is acompanied with a script that allows you to easily execute the verification process and check the provided source files. You can use the following scripts:

  • script launching the verification process

A typical output of the checker looks for examples as:

  (click on the picture to enlarge)

Verify Your Installation

You can verify the distribution of the Checker by running our Checekr test suiste. The test-suite will run the checker agains ~200 test cases contained in ./tests dir and will report all annomalies and differences from the expected results

Correct output of the test script is:

$ ant tests

To see the results of the test-suite, see the

$ open reports/html/index.html