8:50 Welcome
9:00 Simplifying the use of Type-Generic Programming in Parallel Code
Ulrich Drepper, Red Hat, Inc. [Video, Slides]
9:45 All Short Sentences about TM are Wrong!
Mark Moir, Sun Microsystems Laboratories [Slides]
10:15 The State of TM
Ravi Rajwar, Intel Corporation
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Single-Chip Cloud Computer
Adam Welc, Intel Labs [Video, Slides]
11:15 TM: looking back over the first 500 papers
Tim Harris, Microsoft Research Cambridge [Video, Slides]
11:45 HTM Will Not Save the World
Cliff Click, Azul Systems [Video, Slides]
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Region-Based Dynamic Separation in STM Haskell
Dan Grossman, University of Washington [Video, Slides]
2:00 Compiler and Runtime support for Distributed STM in Chapel
Srinivas Sridharan, University of Notre Dame
2:30 Transactional Memory for Existing Programs
Michael Swift, University of Wisconsin [Video, Slides]
3:00 Coffee
3:15 Coarse-Grained Transactions
Maurice Herlihy, Brown University [Video, Slides]
3:45 Implicit threading, speculation, and shared-state in Manticore
John Reppy, University of Chicago [Video, Slides]
4:15 LiteTM: Reducing HTM State Overhead
T. N. Vijaykumar, Purdue University [Video, Slides]