Fri, Sep 3

09:15Clifford A. Jacobs (NSF): The Scientific Software Innovation Institute Program at the National Science Foundation
10:00William Cleveland: Divide and Recombine for the Analysis of Large Complex Datasets
10:30Philippe Canal: Interactive Development of C++ apps for High Energy Physics
11:30Lee E. Edlefsen: Data Analytics and Dynamic Languages
12:00Tyler Alumbaugh: Dynamic languages for HPC at LLNL
12:30Luke Tierney & Duncan Temple Lang: Statistical computing in a dynamic language
14:00Dave Thomas: A Collaborative Analytics Research Environment
14:30Herman Venter: We need a new, common Virtual Execution Environment
15:00Peng Wu: Compilers are from Mars, Dynamic Scripting Languages are from Venus
15:30Jose Amaral: Compilers and VMs for Scientific Programming Environments
16:30Sumit Basu: Talking to Compiled Code, Clusters, and the Cloud from a Dynamic Language
17:00Chandra Krintz: Multi-language Applications and Systems
17:30David Padua: Parallel Computing for Dynamic Languages
18:00Michael Hicks, Jeff Foster, U Maryland: Static Types for Dynamic Languages
18:30John Field: The Thorn Perspective
19:00Dinner at the Domaso Trattoria Moderna (in the hotel)

Sat, Sep 4

9:00 - 15:30Discussions
13:00 - 14:00Lunch